Was catching up on DVDs this weekend and watched the Trollied Series 1 DVD.


Wasn't expecting to like it at all because I'm really not a Jane Horrocks fan but I ended up watching all 8 episodes and enjoyed it.

It pretty much just covers a general day in the supermaket Valco following staff on the checkout, butchers, deli, customer services/shelf stackers, deputy manager and manager. There's quite a bit of swearing and it's so easy to imagine it being your own local supermarket with these characters probably thinking/wishing/doing what genuine staff would love to do.

It's from the producers of The IT Crowd and The Office and very British - lots of mentions to actual UK events/things and stars Jane Horrocks as Julie the Deputy Manager (not believable), Mark Addy as Andy the Butcher (great character), Rita May as Margaret taking part in the Seniors Back to Work scheme (a really great character) plus Nick Blood, Jason Watkins, Lorraine Cheshire and more.

It's not as good The Office but was still a good series to watch. Don't think I'd have continued watching it if I had seen it on Sky1 - was better watching them all at once. Looks like there's only 2 eps available on Sky Go Trollied: Catch Up - Sky1 HD The DVD has a lot of extras including outtakes, the setting up of the supermarket and having to brand each item, why the cast hate shopping etc.

Another 2 series to come so I'll be watching those! Trollied To Return For Season 2 & 3 - Sky1 HD